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This reel shows work from these projects:
Game of Thrones Season 5 – VFX supervisor, Digital Symphony
Black Sails Season 3 – VFX supervisor, CHE – nominated for Primetime Emmy
Sea of Trees dir. Gus Van Sant – VFX supervisor, CHE
Black Sails Season 2 – DFX supervisor, CHE, also 3d layout, comp.
Game of Thrones Season 5 – DFX supervisor, CHE
True Detective Season 2 – VFX supervisor, CHE
Star Trek into Darkness – senior compositor, Kelvin Optical
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night – VFX supervisor
Cosmos – main title sequence – lead compositor, Big Block
Subaru WRX – commercial – lead compositor, Big Block
Ms Pettigrew Lives for a Day – VFX plate supervisor
Derailed – VFX plate supervisor

Full list of Olaf’s credits:
2017 vfx supervisor, Mr X, Roadside Picnic pilot, dir Alan Taylor, Sony
2016 vfx supervisor, Digital Symphony, Game of Thrones Season 6, HBO
2015 vfx supervisor, CHE, The Sea of Trees, dir Gus Van Sant
2014/5 vfx supervisor, CHE, Black Sails Seasons 2 & 3, Starz
2015 dfx supervisor, CHE, Game of Thrones Season 5, HBO
2015 vfx supervisor, CHE, True Detective Season 2, HBO
2013 vfx supervisor, Mercy, dir Peter Cornwell, Blumhouse Productions
2012-13 senior compositor, Star Trek Into Darkness, dir JJ Abrams
2012 on-set vfx for end sequence, The Double, dir Richard Ayoade.
2011 vfx supervisor at DNA for Real Steel dir Shawn Levy.
2011 compositor, Act of Valor, dir Scott Waugh / Mouse McCoy, Bandito Bros.
2011 visual effects supervisor, 3 commercials for Dell Computers through SuperAlright, LA
2011 associate producer, to.get.her, dir Erica Dunton, won “Best of Next” award at the Sundance Film Festival
2010 vfx consultant – initial script breakdown & budgeting and bidding, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, dir Neveldine & Taylor, Hyde Park Entertainment
2010 visual effects supervisor Dylan Dog, dir. Kevin Munroe, OmnilabMedia / Platinum Studios / Hyde Park Entertainment.
2010 produced and directed trailer for Stephen King’s new book Full Dark No Stars
2009 on-set previs, Gulliver’s Travels, dir Rob Letterman
2009 compositor, Harry Potter Experience, Warner Bros
2008 on-set visual effects supervisor, limousine sequence, How to lose Friends and Alienate People, dir Robert Weide
2007 visual effects supervisor, car sequence & plate shoot Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day, dir Bharat Nallouri
2007 visual effects, motorway sequence, Mr Bean’s Holiday, dir. Steve Bendelack
2006 visual effects supervisor, Seamless FX, Black Book, dir. Paul Verhoeven
2006 produced and directed short film Performer. This film was selected for more than 20 festivals and won several prizes.
2006 on-set previs, The Golden Compass, dir Chris Weisz
2005 designed and built innovative on-set previsualtisation system used on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, dir David Yates.
2005 visual effects plate supervisor – train sequence Derailed dir Mikael Hafstrom, also main title design
2004 cybersex sequence, Closer, dir Mike Nichols

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Black Sails

In 2016 I was nominated for my work on Black Sails. Here are some excerpts from the sequences that I supervised in Season 2 and 3.

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Star Trek Into Darkness

Completed over 100 shots across 5 main sequences as lead compositor with Bad Robot’s inhouse vfx unit for JJ Abram’s Star Trek Into Darkness, working closely with ILM, Pixomondo and Atomic Fiction.

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Dead of Night

For this feature film adapation of the Dylan Dog comic books directed by Kevin Munroe I supervised 270+ visual effects shots.
The film features zombies, werewolves and vampires galore. See a trailer atwww.dylandogdeadofnight.com

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Derailed directed by Mikael Hafstrom features extensive train sequences set in Chicago.
The film was to be shot in the UK. To achieve complete realism it was essential to tie the lighting of the train interior to the scenery passing by the windows.
The idea was to light the train set using projectors and to achieve the effect in camera by using rear-screen – something that Peter Biziou, the cinematographer was very interested in exploring.
After developing a previs to work out the camera angles inside the train, Olaf went to Chicago to shoot the plates using a 180 degree panoramic camera set up. Plates were stabilized and stitched into seamless panoramas and then fed through a multi-channel projection set-up using 2 or sometimes 3 rear screen projectors and up to 14 lighting projectors.

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Miss Pettigrew

Amongst other projects I have also worked on sequences for Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (dir Bharat Nalluri),

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Black Book

The film required some tricky work, the most complex was a cgi parachute sequence that I supervisied.

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pioneering tech-noir action adventure published in 1994. Bought my first SGI for this.