official selection:
Palm Springs Int’l Short Film Festival
Filmfest Hamburg
26th Atlantic Int’l Film Festival
Australian Film Festival – 35mm Transfer Award
Braunschweig Int’l Film Festival
Sopot Int’l Film Festival – Sopot Film Centre Honorary Award
Moondance Int’l Film Festival
Woods Hole Int’l Film Festival
Montclair Int’l Film Festival
Hull Int’l Film Festival
Meribel Adfest Young Director’s competition
selected for the Brish Council Short Film Festival Submission Programme.

A man runs through a forest. Another figure runs in the distance. They chase each other through a series of environments and through ever increasing obstacles. Finally they face each other head-to-head.

This is a very personal film for me. I wanted to draw a picture of a particular state – a perpetual loop that you can’t break out of. Work – and making work – can be like this.
The particular technique I used allowed me to draw a frame around the action – another way of showing the basic idea.
download pdf synopsis here